Did you know that Mexican food is a favorite in the United States?

We love Mexican Food

According to various reports, including one made by ABC News in 2011 and data from the American consulting firm CHD Experts published in 2017, Mexican Food Chains have been increasing in the United States and today exceed 60 thousand establishments throughout the whole country, a fact that, without a doubt, helps us to affirm what we already know: We love Mexican food.


If you have wondered why Mexican food is so loved in the United States, we share 5 reasons that will make you become a fan (a bigger one) of this type of food:


    1 - Fresh and varied ingredients: Mexican food is distinguished by the freshness of its ingredients plus the opportunity to eat all food groups. Yes, as you read it, Mexican food is balanced and nutritious, because you could get grains, vegetables, and proteins in every recipe.


    2 - Irresistible flavor: The spices that blend into Mexican food, besides the natural flavorings, give layers of flavor that explode in your mouth, an experience that is simply amazing.


    3 - Unbeatable prices: The price-value ratio in Mexican food restaurants is affordable since on average, a meal for one person usually costs between $ 15 and $ 20, which represents a great option to eat away from home without affecting the budget.


    4 - Large portions: Mexican food is abundant, especially when you order “Burritos”, where you find a great variety such as “Chile Relleno” or “Carne Asada”, plates that will fulfill your stomach and your heart.


    5 - Available all the time: It doesn´t matter if it is 2 am and you want to eat some “Tacos Carnitas”, surely there is a Mexican restaurant near your home that works late or offers home delivery service, both options willing to please your palate.


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