Mexican food at your door?

Abelardo's Mexican Fresh is a restaurant that offers you delicious Mexican food in the city, prepared with the freshest and best quality ingredients, so you can enjoy it at our cozy restaurant and at home, yes! You can order your food from the comfort of your home and we will take it to your door, you just have to go to our website to enjoy this exquisite culinary experience.


Our menu is very varied, you can find different and delicious Mexican food: Chilaquiles, rancheros eggs, burritos, tacos al pastor, churros and more! They also include delicious drinks such as horchata and tamarindo, as well as traditional soft drinks as sodas or juices and the best of Mexican cuisine.


The store hours are open from 8:00 am to 3:00 am

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a craving for something Mexican at midnight.

Order service from the website

Our restaurant includes delivery service, you can order our menu of Mexican food from your home, office or anywhere in the city, through our website, we are a restaurant in constant innovation to provide a quality service to our customers. We join the digital era so that our customers can enjoy our food on any occasion. Our mission is to be your first choice for any craving or culinary emergency, as a surprise visit of your friends or parents in law, always providing the best services and the most delicious food.


People are online almost all day, it is a work’s task, study friend, we can also use it to recreate us and also to satisfy needs such as ordering food, the traditional request made by phone has evolved to the website where you can have whatever you want to just with one click, and in Abelardo's Mexican Fresh, we have it for you, some of its advantages are:

·          It is an option to try something different if you have not tried Mexican food you can order it in the comfort of your home or office.

·          It is a fast service, since you place the order through the web, and in a short time you receive your order.

·          The restaurant is responsible for sending food through distributors who are in charge of the arrival of the food in the shortest time using GPS technology.

·          You can order any food from the menu offered by the restaurant, we have a huge variety that you can see on our website

·          You save money on gas or public transport since you don't have to go anywhere but wait for your food.

·         Enjoy an excellent meal after a long day of work or studies without having to cook or wash dishes.

·         You can access this system through your computer, tablet or mobile

·       The delivery time of the orders varies depending on the address where the menu should arrive and the type of food that has been requested, since there are foods that take longer than others to be cooked, but in general it arrives quickly.

Steps to follow to place your order through our website

1. When you go into the website press the icon that says "Pick up order", to enter to the order menu.

2. You can choose the plates of the day, offers, desserts and regular food that we offer to our customers, the combinations and details appear in our menu.

3. Add to the cart all the food and dishes you want, after placing your order, check that everything is right, if you need to cancel the order you must press the delete button.

4. Then the purchase is made, you make the payment and confirm the purchase.

5. To enjoy your Mexican food you just need to fill out a simple form.

6. After the payment is verified, your order is sent through one of our authorized distributors.

Now it’s time to enjoy delicious Mexican food at home with your friends, at work with your colleagues or wherever you want to with your friends. We invite you to enjoy tasting a great gastronomic experience that we will take it to your door.