Why you have to add Mexican food to any celebration

Mexican gastronomy is one of the most famous in the world with different plates that conquer many palates daily, in fact, it was declared in 2010 Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UN, the origin of its meals reflect a culture that has been passed from generation to generation for years and enjoyed today by everyone around the world.

If you are planning a celebration and want to include Mexican food, we recommend you to read this article and take your notebook to write the best ideas to present a Mexican menu to entertain your guests. You would add Mexican food to any celebration and everybody will feel happy to have this exotic flavor in their mouths.


The most popular Mexican plates at celebrations


Mexican food stands out for using simple ingredients that can be combined to create exquisite preparations as corn, beans, avocado, tomatoes, and the famous one, chili that gives the distinction to this cuisine. Some meals that can be presented at a celebration are:

·         Toasts: Mexican toasts are presented as one of the indispensable plates as they serve to place different ingredients and sauces, which creates an incredible mix of textures and flavors.

·         Enchiladas: This meal consists of a corn tortilla bathed in different spicy sauces; its preparation base is chili, onions, spices.

·         Tacos: It is one of the most popular food in Mexico, and it will look great in your celebration. It consist on a corn tortillas, rolled with a stuffing of stews and sauces

·         Gorditas: Gordita is like an omelet, but a little thicker that is filled inside with different stews, cheese and spices.

·         Guacamole: The guacamole is the ideal complement to dress enchiladas, tacos, gorditas and all the Mexican food that is presented at the party, it is a sauce prepared with avocado and green chili, if you think a moment in Mexican food the world Guacamole comes to your mind, it is indispensable.

·         Flutes: This dish is ideal for parties and events, it consists of taking the corn tortilla and placing the filling that can consist of chicken or meat, and then it is rolled and fried. This dish can be combined with guacamole, beans, and a cold Jarritos!

 Where to serve the Mexican plates of your celebration

·         Ideally, your Mexican celebration is held in an open space such as a terrace or garden, however you can also place a thematic table that will look great in any festive atmosphere.

·         You can present the Mexican food with a buffet-style menu with different tortillas and tacos, sauces and stews that can be combined with guacamole, so guests can create their taco, enchilada or burrito with the flavors they prefer.

·         If it is a more intimate or thematic celebration, you can serve the Mexican menu in clay dishes, placing all the decoration according to the theme: Colorful and cheerful.

·         You can present a table with food and another one with Mexican desserts, the most popular are: Churros that can be served with chocolate or dulce de leche (caramel), rice pudding, fritters that are served with sugar and cinnamon, flan de rompope (the rompope is a drink consisting of brandy, vanilla, and eggs), bananas flamed with tequila, cornbread, and corn, a sweet bread based on the previous day bathed in honey, raisins, and cheese.

·         Among the drinks you can offer a fresh Jarritos, some tequila, beer, and Atole, a typical corn-based drink.

All of these ideas and presentations can give to your event a cheerful and spicy touch, it doesn’t matter If you combine Mexican food and present it as a buffet and / or parade, you can also decide to have a whole thematic party, the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience to organize, execute and present your Mexican menu. Of course, without forgetting to enjoy the gastronomic experience that this wonderful meal offers us.